For a Honda Odyssey, a timing belt kit should cost between $79 and $172. These belts are typically made out of rubber, however, over time, rubber can begin to naturally dry out and crack. But with the advent of new, more durable timing belts, several automakers have extended the recommendation for how much mileage the belt can withstand. If your Tacoma is a V6 from 1995 to 2004, replace the belt at 60k miles . Timing Chain. My service book says toothbelt to be changed at 114,000 miles. Here is a list of timing belts and timing chains for a BMW 5 Series. If you’ve got a 4-cylinder from 1995 to today or a V6 from 2005 to today, your Tacoma has a chain so you can sit this one out. Since the timing belt is responsible for, well, the timing of your engine cylinders, your engine could misfire when the cylinder is opened or closed too early. According to the maintenance schedule, the timing belt it should be done after 105K miles or 105K months. Reference the model year with the corresponding engine to see if your car has a belt or a chain. What is the interval/schedule? The schedule to change the timing belt on a Honda Odyssey is at an interval of 105,000 miles or every 7 years. e46's have a timing CHAIN. Mechanics will usually recommend replacing the water pump at the same time that the timing belt is replaced. However, it requires close supervision and maintenance to avoid it breaking. no cam belt. A timing belt is a pliable belt that needs to be replaced periodically. Distance "A" must be at least 1.0 inch (25 mm). If it breaks, and you have an interference engine that one belt breaking will destroy your entire top end of engine From 1992 and up, the 6 cyl (323, 325, 328, 335 series) had a timing chain. The timing belt system includes idler pulleys and a belt tensioner. I didn't look up Audi specific information, but on any car with a belt, not a chain, should be replaced at no more than 80,000 miles. BMW has a standard maximum mileage for timing belts which is 105,000 miles. 5. Published on June 4, 2015 March 30, 2017 by Your car’s timing belt is responsible for making certain the valves open and close at in time with the motion of the pistons. I own a 2005 Honda Pilot with 141,000 miles and have not changed the timing belt. It’s thought that a timing belt should last up to eight years, and it should be changed after this time, but it does depend on the vehicle you drive. On some cars, the timing belt drives the engine’s water pump. I have a 2008 Forester 2.5L AT with ~65K miles on it. The mechanic I go to quoted me $500 for the timing belt water pump kit. Belt segment lodged between lower timing belt cover and cog causing crankshaft to rotate free from timing cog OR timing belt may have skipped. 4. Obviously the timing belt needs to be replaced. When do I change the timing belt on my 325 bmw 70,232 2005 - I just bought a 325 bmw with 70,232 miles should I change the timing belt ? It is economic and easier to use. Needless to say, the breaking of a timing belt is both very costly but also very unsafe for the driver of the vehicle. To prove that point BMW has always performed several long distance tests on its new engines before they are put on the market. The car is now 10 years old and I was wondering if I should change the timing belt now or wait until 105K miles. In most cases, there is no indication that a timing belt is becoming worn. do you have to change a timing belt on a 93 318 is BMW. The Discovery 3 and 4 V6 Diesel engines have a big cam belt, as well as a high-pressure fuel pump drive belt that needs to be changed as well. And yes, the chains should not ever need need replacing, sans major catastrophe. Check with your look BMW Service Manager for confirmation, and for a list of other maint. Changing at 70k seems a bit soon. reply to Jeff; Howard 3 years ago. BMW to replace faulty timing chain in 2008-2014 vehicles Thanks (: It must be a timing CHAIN because the Gates website does not list a timing belt for the 4.8 liter V8 engine in a 2007 BMW 650I When should the timing belt on a 1999 BMW 528i be changed? Car shuddered and died while I was in the middle of the intersection! If the BMW you are inquiring about should have a timing belt, BMW recommends to change it every 60,000 miles. Does A BMW 5 Series Have A Timing Belt (Cambelt) Or A Chain? Then they could change any followers or guides which mechanically get worn out. 1,041 234 63. It's not a steadfast rule, but it's mostly true. For a long time, the general rule has been that the timing belt must be changed every five years or after 120,000 km. Many ask, “At what mileage should the cambelt be changed?” In this article, we outline what is the ideal timing belt replacement interval for your car. The timing chain guides are plastic, and must be changed once they are "broken". Replacing a timing belt before it … If a technician notices signs of premature wear during an earlier inspection, the timing belt should be replaced early. It's recommended that you change the timing belt in a Subaru Outback typically between 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles. using a timing chain is a much more durable method of ensuring the timing on the engine than using a timing belt. Replace timing belt if it is contaminated with oil or grease. The cam belts are sturdy rubber belts that drive an engine’s valve system. Basically, the timing belt coordinates the engine’s functions, causing fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. oil supply is great for the engines, so you should likely not have any problems. The timing chain on an E36 is fastened to the camshaft with sprockets. that should be done at this point but I would say you need to look into getting your timing belt done at this point. van with 127,000 miles and will replace timing belt soon. Toothed timing belt: this is the most common system used today. Although, most will go for 100,000 miles, they can cause a great deal of damage if they break while you are driving at highway speeds. Also own a 2002 Honda Od. All the 4 cylinder BMW 3-series (318i, 320i) had a timing chain. If you are thinking of buying a car you should always check the timing belt as replacing it can add considerable expense. Hope this helps a little. If your engine won’t turn over at all, it could already be broken. Back in the 90s they took a e34 (5 series) and ran it over 2 million miles, just performing the standard maintenance. Car runs great but will change the belt soon to be safe. Do a pressure check on the head gasket also. Hi, These components should be replaced along with the belt. Bend timing belt into a "U" shape as shown in figure. BMW timing chains are engineered for the life of the engine and never need maintenance or replaced. BMW issues a service bulletin for models powered by the N63 4.4 liter V8. These components should be replaced along with the belt. I personally would do it sooner that that, say about 60,000 tops. Most auto manufactures recommend to change the timing belt at 75,000 miles. Belt melted through timing belt cover and contacted timing belt cog. Timing belts can fail before that interval is reached, but most vehicles will never have a problem with this part. BMW x5 use drive chains. Most cam belt failures we hear about are between 50,000-100,000 miles. Some vehicles have one belt, others 2 or 3. So today I took cover off cambelt and belt looks fairly new as if it's been changed maybe 6-12minth ago. Generally speaking, BMW started moving away from timing belts after the 325i e30s stopped production in 1993. I honestly have not heard of one expiring on an e46. When to replace your vehicle’s timing belt. A faulty timing belt can cause loss of power, fuel economy, engine misfiring and vibrations. How often and when should I change the Timing Belt ? I called Audi who say it's every 5 years or 114,000. 1. Check your owners manual or dealership and they should be able to tell you. Timing belts are replaced as part of scheduled maintenance, usually every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Check timing belt for uneven wear, fraying, peeling, cracking and hardening. That's why I always recommend replacing the cam belt, tensioner and water pump every 50,000-60,000 miles … From 1984 to 1991, the 6 cyl (325 series) had a timing belt. you will likely not need to replace it. For example, the legendary 300Tdi diesel in the Discovery 1 has one timing belt. other cars, yes.. but BMW designed the m52/m54's very well. I would always recommend getting the water pump changed if it is driven off of the belt, or located in the same vicinity as the belt. Don’t Ignore Your Timing Belt Service Interval. On some cars, the timing belt drives the engine’s water pump. Timing Belt Repair – Is it Really Necessary to Replace Your Timing Belt? A ticking noise is an indication that the timing belt is wearing down. Timing marks for timing chain 93 BMW? Again, did not know this at the time. If the belt has not been changed before you are probably well past the time when it should be done. How much is the labor? Replacement 2. Three months back I had to change the timing chain guides because there was noise from the engine with the timing chain hitting the metal. The timing belt system includes idler pulleys and a belt tensioner. When does timing belt need changed on 2003 BMW X5 3.0d? There is no record of the timing belt been changed. Since the timing belt has such an important job, it’s crucial to have it replaced regularly. i think the bwa has timing chain and axx has timing belt the chain should be changed at 120k miles and the belt at 60k miles guys pls correct me for i dont know for sure bonecore, Jan 4, 2017 #14. maxpayne Registered User. Replace timing belt as necessary. 3. Mechanics will usually recommend replacing the water pump at the same time that the timing belt is replaced. My 540iA (year 2000) has done 175,000 KM. 4. It is a 4cyl manual with a M42 engine . You should also check it before going on a big trip. 1997 BMW 318i . Vladimir is correct. Subaru Outback Timing Belt Replacement Cost Replacing a timing belt in your Subaru Outback can be a fairly costly repair. Labor cost should be between $492 and $608 at a local mechanic and $753 and $894 at a dealership. Check with a dealer or check a service manual.How often should a car's timing belt be changed ?Should change the belt every 60,000 miles or 100,000 kmHow often should a car's timing belt be changed ?First of all, it's not a V4, it's a straight-four (aka I4, inline 4, L4, or four-banger).