So we can’t expect you to be able to fix your toilet without knowing the difference between a fill valve and a flush valve. Connect the supply line and flush the valve. This easy to install design is universal, fitting most toilet brands and models. The unique design eliminates the worry of setting the toilet in the wrong position, simply pick up and reposition. While most toilet problems originate in the tank, there's one … Toilet flush handles are another part of a toilet that can cause toilets to keep running. Toilet Tank Handles, Levers & Push Buttons. A truly universal toilet repair part that fits any toilet, drain, or flange. The first step in making repairs to the parts of a toilet tank is to determine which toilet pieces are... 2) Toilet Flapper. High quality and durable toilet replacement parts in this kit, featuring built in Microban, corrosion resistant materials and a 7 year warranty. The Fluidmaster 400A Universal Toilet Fill Valve is the #1 selling toilet fill valve in the world. Toilet Flapper features an adjustable design to save on water. - 4 in. and offers a premium solution to maximize your fill valve. Be careful with the lid as it’s porcelain and will crack if stepped on or dropped. Parts included with 400A purchase are Fill Valve, Shank Washer, Locknut, Refill Tube, Refill Clip and Instructions. CUPC CSA certified. Need Help? If the sound of running water stops, the flapper needs replacing. Flush the toilet and hold the flush valve open to drain the tank. Some toilets might even have a list of replacement parts on the underside of the tank lid. While the PerforMAX 2 in. Adjust the linkage and check – $129 Extra Thick Toilet Wax Ring with Plastic Horn, Better Than Wax Universal Wax-Free Toilet Seal, 400A Universal Toilet Fill Valve (Contractor 3-Pack), Perfect Fit Universal Toilet Tank Lever in Chrome, PerforMAX Universal High Performance Toilet Fill Valve, 3 in. Check out our video below to learn more about how your toilet works and how you can find the RIGHT replacement parts for your toilet - or read our guide to finding "will fit" toilet parts for … This fill valve sets the performance standard and features new upgrades for even more water-savings, and faster installation. The Fluidmaster 400A is a quick and easy replacement toilet fill valve that solves common toilet problems. Buy replacement flush valves, flappers and other tank to bowl related OEM toilet parts from American Standard. Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Easy and Rapid Adjustable Water Line - Toilet Tank Repair Kit for Most Toilets - High Performance Toilet Replacement Part 4.5 … The most powerful fill valve in the market, generating 2X greater refill rates than standard designs, with ultra-quiet operation. If you find leaks coming from the tank bolts or toilet flush valve, you'll most likely need to remove the toilet tank from the bowl so you can replace the tank bolts, the rubber washers and the gaskets on the flush valve. 99 Toilets - Collapse All. Designed to save-water with adjustable tank water level, and bowl water level dials that are easy to use. Compare. Parts included with 400A purchase are Fill Valve, Shank Washer, Locknut, Refill Tube, Refill Clip and Instructions. If the water level is below the top of the tube, the flush valve is leaking, letting water trickle into the bowl. Inside The Toilet For Dummies (Toilet Parts and Pictures 101) Inside The Tank. to fit more tanks. Toilet Flush Valves & Repair Parts. Replacing your old tank ball, toilet valve or toilet flapper will give your toilet a much-needed makeover. The 2 in. Cost To Repair & Replace Toilet Parts. Customize your water use per flush depending on your needs, or toilet model. Common toilet repairs include: [4] Replace the tank float ball and float rod – $111; Install a new flapper and chain in the tank. The flapper... 3) Toilet … A toilet runs intermittently because the flapper valve opens slightly for a few minutes. If the toilet valve turns inside the toilet tank, hold its base with a locking pliers. Buy toilet parts direct from American Standard. Fluidmaster toilet parts are found in more toilets than all other brands combined and is the #1 brand of toilet repair parts worldwide. For busy home-based offices or daycares, a jet flush toilet or urinal offers durability that will last. Ballcock Fill Valve for Niagara Flapperless Toilet. flush valve toilet flapper features a solid frame for a proper seal, and water saving dial to use the right amount of water per flush. KOHLER Flush Valve Kit … Fluidmaster is the trusted brand for replacement fill valves and all your toilet parts needs. That slow, constant outflow of water prevents the fill valve from closing completely. Built to last this durable design offers no rust brass bolts and hardware, along with a 10 year warranty. To conserve water in the tank and to reduce noise from filling, consider an antisiphon fill valve as an alternative to tank float. FLUIDMASTER # 3277-181. The retaining nut inside the tank is a reverse thread. We Have A Handy Guide To Help You Find Parts By Model Number Or Use Our Picture Guide. The toilet is one of the simplest mechanical items in your home, and one used on a daily basis. Trip Lever: Metal bar connected to the toilet handle.Tank Cover: Lid of the toilet tank.Chain: Connects the Trip Level to the Flapper Valve.Float Ball: Moves up and down along the toilet Fill Valve.Refill Tube: Squirts water into the bowl after the flush.Flapper Valve: This goes up when the toilet handle is pushed down and stops water from constantly flowing into the toilet bowl.Flush Valve Gasket: Allows wat… Compare. Each of these creates an important seal in the function of your toilet. There are wax ring gaskets to go in the floor beneath the toilet and prevent leaks and caulking to complete the job. If you're looking for tank to bowl coupling parts for your American Standard toilet, you've come to the right place. There are really only two main toilet tank parts: The toilet flush valve, which lets water gush into the bowl during the flush, and the fill valve, which lets water refill the tank after the flush. Unscrew the coupling nut that connects the supply line. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Remove the cap, press down to compress the washer and screw on the locknut. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. The PerforMAX Fill Valve is a code approved, anti-siphon design that won’t contaminate the fresh water supply. If water is overflowing into the tube, there's a problem with the toilet fill valve. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Model #540AKRCP5. HOME PLUMBER # 3277-281. If the water shuts off, you may be able to stop the running by adjusting the float. Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Easy and Rapid Adjustable Water Line - Toilet Tank Repair Kit for Most Toilets - High Performance Toilet Replacement Part 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,219 $27.99 $ 27 . Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), 3 in. Fixing Leaks at the Toilet Base. A universal toilet fill valve this design fits most brands. Installation is simple, with a pre-installed shank washer, and new step-by-step pamphlet instructions for the fastest and easiest repair possible. Adjust the height of the new fill valve by holding the base and twisting the top. Filter Results . Sign up for our newsletter! American Standard has the toilet replacement part you need for your residential or commercial project. Complete DIY projects like a pro! The Fluidmaster 400H-002 PerforMAX High Performance. $7.00. Toilet Parts: We offer a full line of both universal and specific-fit toilet parts, so no matter what type or age of your toilet you have, we have a solution for you! All Rights Reserved. If you feel mineral deposits, clean the flush valve seat with an abrasive sponge or Scotch-Brite pad. The Fluidmaster 7530P24 Better Than Wax, Wax Free Toilet Seal is a modern day solution to an old toilet problem, wax seals. Our universal solutions fit more than 90% of toilets and the others are satisfied through our specific fit items. The 400A is a trusted and durable toilet replacement part, consisting of corrosion-resistant materials combined with simple installation. If you notice water coming from the base of your toilet tank, you’ll likely need a new gasket. To fix toilet problems, you first need to know how a toilet works. The PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve and 2 in. Flush the toilet to empty the tank and then run your finger around the rim of the flush valve seat. A toilet runs constantly because the fill valve that lets water into the toilet tank isn’t closing completely. Sponge out the remaining water or vacuum it up with a wet/dry vacuum. FLUIDMASTER # 3277-284. Search for the coupling kit or tank cover you need. With a basic understanding of how it works, you can fix issues that arise on your own, without any special plumbing tools.This guide will help you understand the main parts of a toilet and how to identify and fix common problems. Toilet Tank Repair Kit. How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush Well, How to Install a TUSHY Spa Bidet Attachment, How To Unclog a Toilet With a Drain Snake, Stop Plumbing Leaks With Ball-Type Shutoff Valves, How to Tighten Water Supply Line Connectors, How to Hang Glass Shelves for Bathroom Storage, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Guide to Choosing the Best Outdoor Curtains, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. Home House & Components Fixtures Toilets. Remove the hassle out of replacing your toilets wax seal with Fluidmaster Better Than Wax. Korky Toilet Repair Plus Easyfix Flush valve repair Kit (431) $14 And. Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit For All Kohler Class Five Toilets,12.5" x 3.5" x 3". 1,677. price$17.58. Toilet Parts; Toilet Flappers (99) Toilet Flush Valves (193) Toilet Wax Rings, Seals & Gaskets (89) Toilet Handles (225) Toilet Bolts & Bolt Caps (39) Toilet Flanges (42) Toilet Repair Kits (8) Fill Valves (32) Flushometers (9) Toilet Hardware (3) Watch this video to learn just that. If there are leaks around the fill valve, tighten the locknut. Be sure to confirm the part is compatible with your toilet before purchasing. Attach the new flapper to the overflow tube and hook the chain to the handle arm. The anti-siphon design eliminates fresh water supply contamination, is code approved and efficiently uses water. So if you're in front of the toilet, turn the nut to the left to loosen. Flush Valve with 2" Flapper. When a toilet runs constantly or intermittently, one of these valves is usually at fault. Upgrade your toilets fill performance with this proven toilet tank fill valve. Upgrade your toilets fill performance with this proven toilet tank fill valve. This superior solution eliminates messy wax, and cuts down on repair time, with a rubber toilet seal design. If you are unsure as to the model of toilet you have simply look for the pictures below and find the one that looks like yours and be directed to all the parts we have available to you. A height adjustable toilet replacement part designed to fix leaking, noisy and slow filling toilet valves, in an easy to install model. Measure to the top of the tube, not to any water level label on the tube. Chain: Also called the toilet lift chain, this is the length of metal links that connects the toilet … You wouldn’t expect an auto mechanic to be able to fix a car without knowing the difference between a spark plug and an exhaust pipe. If you're looking for a quick repair, find the right tool and accessory for the job. Turn on the water (cautiously, so you don't get sprayed!) Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Korky Toilet Repair Large 3 Inch 4 Inch Adjustable Flush Valve Kit with Tank-to-Bowl Gasket & Hardware (3) $41 And. Name Of Toilet Parts: 1) Flush Valve. Here is a diagram of a toilet tank with all of its major components and Fluidmaster parts … Best for use in 1.28 HET and 1.6 GPF toilets, but can also be used with pre-1994 3.5 GPF toilets. The most intimidating part of a toilet is inside the tank. Fluidmaster 400ARHRKP10 PerforMAX Universal High Performance All in One Repair Kit for 2 … Gently bend the float arm down to put extra pressure on the toilet valve. If your flapper valve has a ball that floats at the end of a rod, gently lift the rod and listen. Including a fill valve, washer, locknut, tube and clip for everything needed to replace your toilet fill valve. Pinch the spring clip and slide the float up or down to set the water level one inch below the top of the overflow tube or to the water line marked on the tank. Find Your Toilet & Order Repair Parts We at ® try to make finding parts for your existing toilet as easy and painless as possible. To access the inside of the tank, remove the lid. The Fluidmaster 402CARHR Toilet Fill Valve. Toilet Flapper with Chain. Remove the old flapper from the ears of the overflow tube and detach the chain from the handle arm. 87 Cents / each. Plumbers charge either by the hour or by the job, and most will have a minimum call out charge of about $50. We recommend our users to update the browser. Toilet Tank To Bowl Bolts & Gaskets. Push down on the flapper with a yardstick and listen. HOME PLUMBER # 3277-180. Flapper Repair Kit, the number one solution to maximize performance and save water. HOME PLUMBER # 3277-073. It could be toilet wax rings and gaskets: The gasket is between the tank and bowl, and the wax ring is between the bottom of the toilet and drain. If cleaning the flush valve seat doesn't solve the problem, you need to replace the flapper. 2" Universal All In One Toilet Repair Kit. The height from the base to the CL (critical level) mark should be the height of the overflow tube plus one inch. Remove the locknut that holds the toilet valve to the tank. The 540AKR fits most common 3" (8 cm) flush valves for durably and long lasting performance. Then remove the old handle and lever, slide the new handle into place, and thread on the retaining nut. The PerforMAX Toilet Fill Valve offers the quietest and most powerful solution to enhance you're toilet fill valves performance. This kit includes everything needed to restore your toilets flush - parts include an adjustable flush valve, a 3" (8 cm) flapper, a gasket, bolts, washers and nuts for a complete repair. 15 in. In either case, you have to figure out why that toilet fill valve isn’t stopping the incoming water flow and if there are broken toilet parts that need attention.