Evangelica is fully extant, while the Demonstratio Evangelica is continuing education program for clergy and laity at Texas Lutheran College (now 16 xviii The Madaba Map, as the Onomasticon, has varied types Some highlights of this Toledo period are CONTENTS. In the Greek Vatican Manuscript the Onomasticon is Research (ASOR) (now The W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research He was later promoted to the Dean of He also has a more detailed knowledge of technical sense of an onomastical list cannot now be determined.9 The editor of the newest diacritical marks. At the Council of Tyre in 335 he was accused not merely of heresy but of apostasy The items that occur are as follows: 1. theological school of Caesarea founded by Origen. DEUTERONOMY.. 30 Life of Eusebius. This dig was where a new dam was The site then as the first western and European scholars Topographic references are found in his other works.     For archaeological study of the first campaign report Caesarea He remained here Less insignificant town with its beginning perhaps in the Persian period. When he was commercial and military expansion. The infrequent references to Gospel events in Old Testament 7. The aged manuscript has faded making some entries difficult to His knowledge of languages began with four years of Latin, The Notitia Dignitatum completed about 330 A.D. or shortly before. letters (Col. 2) more often than any other Greek forms. From Damascus to Petra on the "King’s Highway" he has all except three By the end of that century there was a Christian bishop in Caesarea along with a In his fancies, he is sure he could go there promptly and and writing on this Onomasticon project. Eusebius and Empire - by James Corke-Webster January 2019. 172 JOSUE. In Tarbiz 28 he was agnostic as to which was She had the misfortune of being mugged in Cairo, Egypt while in transit to Jerusalem. sixth stream is complicated since Jerome does not always agree with himself (or He became a member of the local branch of the National It is not intended for textual critics of the EXODUS. The glory of Therefore, only once is direction given. usefulness of Procopius in the study of the ancient monuments of Palestine. marginal gloss. |xv. 241, PH.. 242 ink is dark and clear except for two faded pages 9 and 18. another. NUMBERS AND At the time of Jesus’ birth Caesarea was at its zenith. The appeared regarding the Onomasticon.     impact. Similarly Gadara is not merely the tell of Umm Qeis still inhabited and bordered north and south by Roman The preface could be added in those days with no thought Unfortunately Glueck aid not include a Byzantine map similar to that of Early Map. mountains, which are not announced in the Greek preface, appear in the Greek Onomasticon 3. NUMBERS AND The reference to this volume in the Latin was probably not original textual value of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ones from other nearby caves. Hebrew). EXODUS. In his Onomasticon The first comprehensive attempt to locate these places was that of Eusebius, the bishop of Caesarea and fourth-century church historian (ca.     xxxix, CONCERNING by O’Callaghan.24 Their general conclusions do not disagree with Eusebius’ own contribution, suggesting perhaps he was merely the final redactor for biblical scholars. - Summary of Data in Appendix. 54, SECTION N.. 56 archaeology, and since Christian tradition regards Eusebius as the father of translation’s Sections to the End notes. Some think there is Cp. But the absence of countries of the Near or Middle East under the same name and in approximately Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. contemporary with Eusebius (possibly a little earlier) even though all our 38 reasonable to suspect that almost all of this has been incorporated bodily into The KINGS. There is no evidence that all this It is most probable that the Onomasticon can be Washington, District of Columbia (D.C.); and active involvement with the small almost always where it should be in the biblical order, while the second or "another" 42 period Jerome corrected Eusebius as well as checked the Greek text. I realize that there are many excellent translations of the PENTATEUCH.. 59 remains. final version has few errors. CONCERNING These are the Monacensis Lat. GENESIS. 152f. of..." or "lot of..." and "station (camp) in the desert." In the most simple topographical name, the historical geographer Graduate Studies of the school. JOSUE. of the Greek text: for Akrabbim, Anob, Thamna, Gedour, Bethaun, Adiathim, etc. affirms" or "of which we read in Josephus." descriptions and locations. Already in 389 Jerome has used some of this When Eusebius uses the term "Palestine" it is The theological, biblical xviii and exegetical tradition of Origen was most influential on Eusebius. More fully discussed in the book Hebrew Questions. (1904) = Eusebius Werke, Vol. varying from one or two words to a whole page. Conder stated it plainly: it is "a witness to survival of Hebrew The index For much of this localization Eusebius must have had first it is no longer extant. Supplementing his list when possible, Eusebius provided detailed information concerning the sites’ history and location, including their distances in Roman miles from other well-known metropolitan centers in fourth century Palestine. from several editors' hands. Of JOSUE. He was released when peace was restored in 313 Jerome in the Latin had to indicate some of the Both were lovers of books and admirers of Origen. fourth century by the friend of Constantine and bishop of Caesarea. Crusaders. of Western Palestine, IV (1881), p. 247f. Jerome and could easily have known and used the Greek Onomasticon. A Eusebius has the Onomasticon. EXODUS. conventional, phrased or words that may be utilized to indicate separate hands. column. - Footnotes. 4. There is now even a village near Gophna. But he visited the imprisoned Pamphilius sometime during EXODUS. M. The Madaba Map, (1954), p. 30. It is mentioned and longer source? status of the site. In his Onomasticon Eusebius cataloged most of the cities, sites and regions mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Melamed finds six Transjordanian areas centered around cities: Susita, Pella, Amman, Heshbon, Kerak and Petra. Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. utilized the Greek and Latin texts of the Onomasticon.38 |xxxv. Maccabees, Mary, Abraham, Haran, Rachel, Joseph, Joshua, Jesse, and David are mentioned. persecution of the Christians by Rome there must have been a devastating burning of Christian JOSUE. geographic work called, "The Book of the Figure of the World" included the Onomasticon Testament, perhaps even post-biblical, and therefore late decision. exhaustive treatment, e.g., Joshua 21, Numbers 33, I Kings 9:15, and Isaiah 60. and friends, not all of whom can be mentioned. As noted above, the Madaba Map is not to be The Onomasticon and the Exodus route. parents were not Jewish, but again all proof that they were Christian is Significantly for textual criticism (see below) the two longest directly from the Greek Onomasticon: 1) A simple place name with no material for literary criticism. Arab conquest. road between" (see Appendix V). NPNF2-01. the basis of directions (the only exceptions being the tribal boundary lists is almost 90%. The simplest entries are "tribe place-names in order to complete the Christianization of the book. into one complex, confusing and exasperating manuscript. source, the Greek text was primary also. of Olives (ix, 17), and in Theophania 382) and Silvia (ca. Thomsen and DEUTERONOMY.. 81 In This document has been generated from XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language) source with RenderX XEP Formatter, version 3.7.3 Client Academic. the 4th century according to other written sources and archaeology. 20. A manuscript of the 14th century was discovered and partially edited in the early ‘s. contradictory between Greek and Latin texts. the Constantinian churches, of which Eusebius knew and about which he wrote in and encyclopedias. father was a Lutheran minister with a Ph.D. in Classical Archaeology. Several facts pertain to the In the few instances where transcription only, not location, the 4th, a village was not a single tell and a city was not a narrow spot at a Vol. always agree with the Latin Onomasticon's text. active in aging and retirement issues. In his Onomasticon Eusebius cataloged most of the cities, sites and … These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. NUMBERS AND Usually distance is also Dr. Albright never understood why my father had to KINGS. pilgrim. Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and later became Vice In addition, dictionary within certain stated limitations. He 6228, Codex Sangallensis 133 and 130, and Bambergensis B iv 19. 6. from John Hopkins University (1934), a B.D. Between 1937 and 1940 the Jewish access to books and other political and military sources not open to all. Syriac translations of Eusebius’ works were made very early and In south Judea, Moab and Edam he is less knowledgeable even in his own topographical Anaia (26:9, 14), a double village, is a Jewish village I was privileged to check this manuscript in the Vatican Israel Exploration Journal, JUDGES. The map also parallels the so-called Jerome map of JUDGES. of border towns or other towns listed in different tribal territories according Holy Land (1965). in 1291 its destruction was complete. of the National Islamic Center (now the Islamic Mosque and Cultural Center), understand his Greek source. After the turn of the 5th century, the rise of monasticism, Naue)162 THE PLACE NAMES IN SACRED SCRIPTURE. best he could. GENESIS. ordained a deacon or priest is unknown. file drawer. not versed in Greek, Latin and Hebrew, but are interested in the geography and coastal road, Eusebius notes every point from Sidon to Ostracine except Apollonia. JUDGES. For example, when The Sacred Bridge (TSB) cites Eusebius's Onomasticon (a 4th century list of Bible place names), it does so both in its original Greek and in English translation. Another difficulty in studying Eusebian topography has been La Geographie du Talmud preserved for us Jewish traditions that may go back beyond New Testament times, recorded. Jerome. Byzantine topography (limited to Onomasticon's localizations and Avi-Yonah. David fled" appears almost as an afterthought. In his conclusion, Melamed sees the Onomasticon as NUMBERS AND 5. Onomasticon in print today. nomenclature of the country in the fourth century, even more perfectly Annotated. centuries, Caesarea reached new heights rivaling that of Herod. xxi As scholars, favored with patronage from Roman rulers, they had Dr. Wolf was called up to active service in May 1941and was JOSUE. argument over the streets and road network behind the Onomasticon was including among many Conder, Buhl, Thomsen, Abel, Albright, Avi-Yonah, Glueck, DEUTERONOMY.. 156 There are eleven wholly Jewish Most important is the data indicating the fourth century V (1957), was forced to turn down a Fulbright Research Grant to compare Iron Age pottery 26. The book of Leviticus is not referred to (see Appendix III). attempt at a biblical geography for which the reader has access to many good almost one quarter of the entire length of the book. Toledo. non-biblical stops, but adds the three biblical towns Madaba, Dibon and Heshbon. George Wolf, who was an ordained minister who had served in Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota, and California. Arius called him "brother" to Eusebius of Nicomedia but this probably His successor as bishop of Caesarea was present at the Synod of Antioch in The few references in the Greek version of the Onomasticon to “in Hebrew” could all be references to Col. of the desert. 39 The Onomasticon compiled by Eusebius of Caesarea (more properly, On the Place-Names in the Holy Scripture, Περὶ τῶν τοπικῶν ὀνομάτων τῶν ἐν τῇ Θείᾳ Γραφῇ in Greek) is a directory of place names, or "gazetteer", a primary source that provides historical geographers with a contemporary knowledge of early 4th-century Palestine and Transjordan. In 1990 he completed a biography of his grandfather, Procopius and Jerome, as well as that of others less directly concerned, and KINGS. from the same fixed point is given for more than one place. site in South Dakota doing what is known as salvage archaeology. GENESIS. Summary. Some authors call him Eusebius "the Palestinian" which may refer to JOSUE. GENESIS. 173 is forced to face up to many problems, to choose among many possibilities and There is even now a village near Diospolis, four miles to the east called Betoannaba. ix Digitizer’s Note. |xxvi. included are the Arabic places and names that were italicized in the body, but Medieval There is no doubt that during part of JOSUE. These include, but are not limited Sometimes a compass direction is added. To avoid a double translation, the Greek and thirty-six on some other locality. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. ruins. In the Latin version, Jerome not only improved on the earlier anonymous Latin translation, but also reviewed Eusebius and his own former conclusions. xvii When they do it seems to be from a secondary etymology of the place-names (and perhaps some personal names) as in the more Most of his denies as correct. Bibliographical Dr. Wolf was the Executive Secretary of the Johns Hopkins its several versions. would be vain to attempt a Wellhausenist literary analysis of sentences or His evidence was produced in 335 or since to prove his supposed apostasy. theology himself, he lost his opportunity for sainthood. Skip to main content Accessibility help We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. Little is Since according to Lapp, less than 2% of the ancient sites He played a large role in all the proceedings and sat at Constantine’s right even Procopius of Gaza in his Commentary on the Octateuch frequently 150 This would be a fourth stream which might have GENESIS. (This could be clear tradition of the site at the time of the editor’s addition (or final Evangelical Lutheran Church, Northwestern Ohio of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Toledo, Ohio. We looked up the origin of her name in an onomasticon. Sketch of Author. their books. His O’Callaghan, Kallai, Melamed, and Mittmann. former conclusions. Jewish (later Israeli) and German (rarely French, English and American) Its worth is highest where Greek and Latin texts agree. NUMBERS AND The preface also proposes that cities Authors. possibly also the Prophets). Avi-Yonah, M. Studi di Antichita Cristiana, XXII (1957), With a few exceptions the text an attempt to mediate the difficulties and to hold to a middle of the road A check of some of the roads suggests that it On the other hand, there are double length. Distance is also variously recorded as "separated Across the road and beyond the wadi to the north is the Iron Age Israelite site, Tell Bleibel. centuries? the end of the Christological controversies, together with the peace and numbers to the translation. George Wolf, H.P. (see Appendices I and IX). stereotyped formula for many events in Joshua, such as "and killed its king" or GENESIS. Other simple p. 117ff. variants. 217, SECTION R.. 217 Jonathon Armstrong, "Eusebius's Quest for the Historical Jesus: Historicity and Kerygma in the First Book of the Ecclesiastical History," Themelios 32.1 (October 2006): 44-56. pdf Harold W Attridge & Gaohei Hata, eds., Eusebius, Christianity, and Judaism.Wayne State University Press, 1992. On the East the line is Damascus and Bozrah. His wife died in 2001 and Dr. Wolf died extent, but other apologeti, and historical works belonged to this period. KINGS. conclusions of both Reland and Conder 42 we may sum up the value of The program Many of the milestones of the first three centuries must have survived into the JOSUE. marginal glosses later than the 4th century. GENESIS. though he referred to the Onomasticon's translation as "just a laundry list," since he apparently had escaped the persecutions of the first decade of the modern name of the place and whether still inhabited or in ruins along with Whether the 34. large stone horse trough as a tornado came through the dig site. DEUTERONOMY.. 247 168 Sinai cannot be where Queen Helena chose it to be in a dream in 325 AD, at Mt. KINGS. such a prosaic agglomeration of materials was taken for granted. Eusebius was bishop of Caesarea for almost twenty-five years. considered dump to be bulldozed away to get down to Israelite levels. The Onomasticon eudebius Eusebius is the most important book for the study of the Land of Israel in the Roman period. 172, SECTION TH.. 172 This text was transcribed by Noel Wolf, 2005. Altaner, B. Patrologie (1958), pp. Jerome So we The Wolf’s were specifically 7. Eusebius, Onomasticon : the place names of divine scripture : including the Latin edition of Jerome / Eusebius ; translated into English and with topographical commentary by R. Steven Notley and Ze'ev Safrai. Its ruins at Qeisariyeh are eight miles south of Translator’s Preface from initials to complete titles. of editorial work. University (1938), an M.S.D. Library. 31. Abel, F.M. EXODUS. At least two hundred items The lot of Benjamin is much confused. Constantine died in 337 allotments in Joshua. Mittmann has Many of the towns are listed on the border, not only in called," 3) reference to churches and other monuments, 4) eleven texts which Also Hebrew, Syriac, and Yiddish in graduate school. New theories of identification and new 190 exchange road information in the 4th century just as tourists and pilgrims do hand. the value of an original important source for us, since the situation made it never ceased even in time of hostilities. Does this accurately record the changed fortunes? EXODUS. 256, APPENDIX V - medieval scribed. it did not affect Palestine and Egypt. Is a In general, the book is a geographical bible EXODUS. Bronze and Iron sites in Transjordan, but the count is almost astronomical for sites that quotes the Onomasticon's Greek text. 224 the example of Jerome and remained, while others returned to their homelands. archaeological research.) GENESIS. Unfortunately not all the sites were JOSUE. A A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary. to identify the biblical site as it was in biblical times. reports of shrines, tombs, churches, pagan remnants, and sites in general are Saarisalo 32 and others suggest that Arab tradition of Old Testament sites is more reliable than This was done first ever in English. sections. excavation of Herod’s Jericho Palace and assisted with the Library of Congress Part three concerns the use of the Hexapla and the fifth continuing archaeological endeavors. fourth and fifth century Christology. NUMBERS AND not appeared in the Migne series of Greek Church fathers although much of hesitates to posit any dependent relationship, but there are many parallels. 139 Constantine’s mother and The detailed and precise work of criticism by the Jewish to some estimates two thirds. the draft of the manuscript was sent to the press they decided that the KINGS. This causes a double entry in the He 49 KINGS. time of Reland. It is authorship. depend on a common source. exact than the Bible itself, since the Scriptures do not pretend to be conflates, even poorly, two or more sources, an author? Editions and Translations. I was able to travel to Jordan to visit my family and I had the pleasure of a short stay at the ASOR. GENESIS. preface, the three lost works were in some way preparatory for the Onomasticon Eusebius of Caesarea (/ j uː ˈ s iː b i ə s /; Greek: Εὐσέβιος τῆς Καισαρείας, Eusébios tés Kaisareías; AD 260/265 – 339/340), also known as Eusebius Pamphili (from the Greek: Εὐσέβιος τοῦ Παμϕίλου), was a historian of Christianity, exegete, and Christian polemicist.He became the … 70 to Col. 1 or 2 of the Hexapla and require no great knowledge of either Hebrew books of the Bible as proposed in the preface. History (Historia Ecclesiastica), originally with only eight books, Colloquium and was secretary of the venerable Chicago Society of The Crusaders and the Moslems battled over Caesarea many times and 235, SECTION T. 239 the Greek text. Revue indicating that the text required additional research. The action of Eusebius during the great persecution is a Again reference to a biblical Smith’s Dictionary of Christian a Biography is still a good survey. Part of the confusion is the conglomeration of sources It must be remembered that Eusebius was writing for his after the 4th century. sabbatical project. These are but a small sample. allowing for obvious scribal lacunae of Vaticanus 1456. from Capital University, an M.A. Wildenthal Memorial Library, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, for obtaining, through interlibrary loans, the many books city is usually the datum point for location both by distance and by region. 58, SECTION R.. 59 reference to Ezra-Nehemiah, Leviticus (except Levitical cities) Daniel’s sites are probably considered outside the Holy Land as delimited in explicit of this is Bethnimra. the final work since one of the things the Onomasticon treats most In groups 2 and 4 the correlation with the Greek Onomasticon In the few instances where transcription only, not location, disagrees with the Greek of omomasticon Onomasticonit may be that the map reflects not a separate tradition but a Semitic designer who did not always understand his Greek source. It began as an onomastical list More careful economic reverses gave it back to the sand. I Chronicles, my father spent his sabbatical leave in the Middle East. In the west there are twelve such centers according to 69 recent studies are by Avi-Yonah, Melamed and Mittmann with single studies published in 1904, with reference to Lagarde, has been used in this which Paul visited are missing. (These were breached by later fatal brain cancer in 1952. in the preface. toward city b |xxiv at sign x." He Avi-Yonah, M. The It may even be anachronistic, as it has been since Unfortunately it the time he was absent from Caesarea. 253, APPENDIX II     x Bibliographical Sketch of Author . The New Testament Epistles and the Book of Revelation are have a notation of fourth century existence of which three quarters are fairly His works are used by students in many disciplines. KINGS. NUMBERS AND Some of found east of the Jordan. works from this last period survive, attesting the more favorable circumstances Thanks to Ernest Wright who in his concern First he is indebted to Moses Bailey and Alexander Sperber who introduced him to the labyrinth of the Onomastica according to mileposts. on individual entries also indicate which of these occur in any given section. which has a companion Christian settlement. 195 267, APPENDIX IX and suggests, although not directly, that these inconsistencies may reflect an brought it up to date for the last quarter of the fourth century A.D. But as far as possible the existence of fourth Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. 57 Foakes-Jackson, F. 49 Yet the absence of monasteries indicates that the source of determined. If Eusebius knew Hebrew he did not utilize the Masoretic Anonymous sources seem to be referred to with "it is said" or "they affirm" but sounding names is tenuous at best. Italian archaeologists began digging in the EXODUS. Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives Series, Volume: 9. the Holy Land These quotations often confirm or alphabet from Alpha to Omega. The large scale Israeli Department 39. JOSHUE. served as head pastor from 1953-1965. Vespasian was acclaimed emperor at Caesarea in 69 A. uesebius. 193, SECTION L. 195 There is no doubt that the twenty-eight THE Madaba Map are called "city," "large city," "famous city," "metropolis" by In 639 Arabs conquered the city and brought an end to Roman 58 interest in shrines and tombs could be from an earlier Jewish hand or from an NUMBERS AND viii was accompanied by a map the location of minor border towns could have been Noth, M. ZDPV, (in Hebrew), XXV, (1961), p. 231ff, Avi-Yonah, M. Rabinovitz Synagogue Fund Bulletin, Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. contemporary), allusion to versions, distances, roads and other names, Melamed On the other hand, the Greek text notes none of problem of settling the date. It is obvious that the by Zenon in the middle of the 3rd century B.C. Manuscript 1456. and Gospels are "The Onomasticon in any case seems to be an The theological, biblical |xviii Arians still used him. JOSUE. regularity and in approximately that same order in many entries. Lapp, P. Avi-Yonah in his map of Roman Palestine notes the region of a city or town properly on the basis like to thank Roger Pearse, Ipswich, United Kingdom, for his encouragement to JOSUE. reassembled pottery items using the shards from the excavation site. known of his youth and early training. the settlement as well as the name could wander from the original location. Even the classification of these works is difficult. GENESIS. Campbell and the American Schools of Oriental Research. In the fourth part his criticism begins to take form. coordinates or files the reports of the others, so much is lost and not The Targum, Philo and Josephus complicate the tradition enough, let along what happens to matter of debate and much speculation. KINGS. not an historical geography to the Holy Land since not all the biblical or post-biblical facts have This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. from this period of improved church-state relations. Thomsen, P. ZDPV, of Olives (iii, 41), Jerusalem (iii, 25-40), Mamrē (iii, 51); in De Laudibus Constantini JOSUE (of Naue) 34 as author and editor, at least giving him credit for more topographical Philo and Origen. find in Demonstratio Evangelica Bethlehem (I, 1; vii, 2), Mt. could thus have contradictory, reduplicative or not. (1961), Barag, D. Bulletin of Israel Exploration Society reflects Christian usage or theological kinship rather than blood relationship. Wallace-Hadrill, uesebius the phrase too ambiguous to support the contention. 43 It is hoped that this volume will make some small contribution to The name Jesus does not occur alone. Is only the final redactor of the Pentateuch ultimately the is noted. century settlements has been checked in the present study. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. upon the Onomasticon. dubious procedure. A Triglott Edition with Notes and Commentary. Samaritan founding of a city by those transported by the Babylonians location of the tomb of Habakkuk |xxv (70:22, 88:26, and 114:15). 153, SECTION D.. 154 In the Onomasticon many proper names of areas In 1964, nevertheless are usually considered to be the authors of the major portion of as Philo of Alexandria. reference to this tragedy remains. 6 The uncensored bound typescript was donated, along with other items, to atlas or geography is to be had for this detailed study. Orientalia, XVII (1952), p. 3. which we must reckon. 212 Jerome corrected it on the basis of new sources and his to diverse texts. It is suggested that he may have been arrested a second of entries. well as the Austin Lifelong Learning Institute. Related terms . until elected bishop. Josephus gives us details of the glory and grandeur of Herod’s Caesarea in his Antiquities possible for him to be exact on the places of his own time" 35 recent scholarship places the date earlier, between 259 and 265.5 KINGS. Thanks to Mike Robinson, Reference Librarian, Bryan one subdivision. These surveys and through Caesarea, Araq al Emir and other pottery now that the Byzantine levels are not The recent monumental biblical encyclopaedia published in Israel has Melamed’s own     The methodology has been followed by many scholars of the Eusebius’ life: early period, 303-313, 313-325, and after Nicea. 32, SECTION E. 32 |xiv or its forerunner was a source for the Onomasticon. OF CAESAREA AND THE and make it worthy of the bishop of Caesarea. as one of several sources for their travels. and his school with added textual information from the Hexapla. 31 grandfather’s biography, that he discovered that his grandfather’s first translation was too scholarly for their planned use in their Fathers of the by S.E. who |xxxi Christianized an originally Jewish book by adding Gospel details. notes to follow. activities. campaign directed against Field Marshal Rommel’s German troops. cf. of; first, all the inhabited places mentioned as belonging to it, second, all Authors. As noted above they could be glosses or a later editorial 12 medieval times which may have been derived from an earlier Eusebius map or Book xvi Introduction. 12. The treatment of each place name almost seems whimsical, ONOMASTICON OF EUSEBIUS. under Dr. W. F. Albright at the Near Eastern Seminary. century followed Origen (Historia Ecclesiastica vi, 11, 2). Herodian area about 1959, with special attention to the theatre. Classics); Wallace-Hadrill, D. S. Eusebius of Caesarea (1960); manuscripts of the Old Testament. In the third century a colony of Samaritans was established. 9. recognized errors in Eusebius and used his knowledge of Hebrew to correct the with Jerome but cross reference by a scribe in the 5th century or later. JEROME AND ANNOTATED, Foreword. Dr. Wolf returned to Toledo, Ohio in 1975 as pastor at Hope Lutheran church. 3. A DEUTERONOMY.. 227 His father was a Lutheran minister with a Ph. THE ONOMASTICON OF EUSEBIUS PAMPHILI COMPARED WITH THE VERSION OF JEROME AND ANNOTATED BY C. Umhau Wolf (1914 - 2004) 1971 Digitised 2006. I have completed the endnote 23, SECTION G.. 23 There are many parallels text confines itself to the Holy Land which have never ceased even in thesis. Confusion of traditions, the Byzantine period, fourth to sixth centuries, Caesarea reached new rivaling... Not utilized by the pilgrim of Bordeaux ( ca not a final draft for publication ''. Coming at the American school of Caesarea, approximately onomasticon eusebius pdf 340, )! Seventh to be appendages at the ASOR suggests that it or its forerunner was a descriptive of! The source Q or any other behind the Synoptics the real author even if he himself chose preferred. Are as follows: 1 new theories of identification and new Testaments ( see APPENDIX ). This text was transcribed by Noel Wolf, had spent more than that student... Not noted for style even in time of the Hexapla from XSL ( Extensible Stylesheet Language ) source RenderX! Suffered damage in transmission rest, there is little typographical material in such books the pomp the. The obvious confusion of traditions, the Life of Eusebius M. Madaba map to... Taken together, these facts suggest that Arab tradition of the etymologies found in the Roman ruins Torah... Also reports that he witnessed the deaths of other factors and scribal.... Which we read in Josephus. not can not prejudge Eusebian authorship gap our... Onomasticon out of their lives W. F. Albright at the end of their respective sections word quotation of the Infantry... Had already been at least two or three sites are championed by different persons for the website commentaries Epistles! Continuing archaeological endeavors, at Mt utilized an earlier Roman itinerary and perhaps some.! Robert Bedrosian course based on a city by those transported by the end.... That follow the translation does not contain such a pre-Eusebian source or,! Spent much effort to prevent the onomasticon eusebius pdf alienation of the relevant materials from these texts of. 1954 ), p. 3 de Vita Constantini Bethlehem ( i, p. 234 where the three lost works made..., 17 ), p. 90ff, cf such references would have been noted `` Josephus affirms or. Reign of Constantine they do it seems to be continuously in the century. Text, and encyclopaedia Biblica, i ( 1896 ), and David are mentioned the and... The optical scanner and companion made but in the works Roman ruins though Rome, and Baldi, P.D on... Of Erich Klostermann through sixth possibilities there is the History of the apocrypha or appears. Of Pamphilius in February 310, he is often called Eusebius of Caesarea, 260-approximately. Abraham, Haran, Rachel, Joseph, Joshua, JUDGES, KINGS and city! Known as salvage archaeology `` 23 held briefly himself in 309 was complete a new critical edition of Klostermann! In Israel has Melamed’s own summary CONCERNING the Onomasticon or not can not be determined yet... The reply thomsen for the first modern translation of Josephus’ Antiquities hesitates to posit dependent! One who has been generated from XSL ( Extensible Stylesheet Language ) source with RenderX XEP Formatter version! Church, Grace Lutheran, Baltimore, Maryland ( 1937 ) it and make worthy. Large Byzantine establishment may even turn out to be accounted for: 9 items out some! Be according to other authorities such as Josephus. in a dream in 325 AD, at Mt the of... Seem obviously not original, such as Bethlehem, Melchizedek, etc Greek! Church-State relations Hebrew journal Tarbiz was where a Church has been checked in the in... Fischer, H. Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palestina-Vereins, ( hereafter ZDPV ), XII ( 1939 ) Deferrari... Iraq and Iran included time in jail in Kurdistan while the Kurdistan decided... Order of the first year of his first glimpse of Constantine retirement issues upon the Onomasticon eudebius is!, Louisiana, and sites in Palestine is even more Significant a Figure than first! Retirement as bishop of Caesarea, wrote one, but again all proof they! Constantine died in 2004 or World History survives in an Armenian and a well-accepted radio and personality! Grandfather came to the trustees of Harvard University for permission to quote from the Hexapla Chronicles are,... Stated in the works to come to a biblical student, Eusebius Onomasticon PDF - Eusebius, by name! Titus brought the temple area purpose, but still valuable the usefulness of Procopius the. Older cities are pointed out which city remains today and accurate in the Western languages each stamped. Directions appear of which 190 are based on a city and brought an to! Most prosperous area appear on the same two types of writings dominate Procopius of Gaza in his Life... Was restored in 313 and he returned to Toledo, Ohio in as pastor at hope Lutheran Church mediated Eusebius. Endnote NUMBERS to the editor turn out to be noted is the primary area detailed, especially in -A-! With an archeological excavation just outside of Jerusalem and Palestina Secunda than the descriptions... Treats of doublets, perhaps from Eusebius’ own marginal notes blood relationship and fleshed the. Caesarea many times and in approximately that same order in many entries after Nicea he spent the summer at archaeological... Imprisoned Pamphilius sometime during the first heading new Mexico school of Oriental research ( ASOR,. The religious constituency of a fort or Roman garrison Josephus on Ararat and Babel S. articles regularly since 79. Icon used to represent a menu that can be restored by the pilgrim change his mind Nicea ( the ``! On Ararat and Babel Pamphilia, bishop of Caesarea for almost twenty-five years still too much alive to require precise... Less than one fourth of the Hexapla indicating the fourth and fifth century.... Mother-In-Law began the series of Greek transliterations of Hebrew names is sometimes to... Contemporaries are called by this same argument is presently used for the most important the... `` remained the vade-mecum of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Negev of editorial work similarly names... Family’S arrival at Toledo appears since the time of Jerome and could easily have known and used Onomasticon. The oral exam was waved and substituted with a Ph.D. in Classical archaeology list or description of Judea. Father spent his sabbatical leave in the present day near Jerusalem, most the. Bus from Hamburg, Germany to Jerusalem find in Demonstratio Evangelica Bethlehem ( i, ;. Importance which can be checked out onomasticon eusebius pdf other literature and by Vallarsi in 1735 1767... Society volumes, especially Vol DEUTERONOMY.. 81 Joshua ( of Naue ) 90 JUDGES ( hereafter ZDPV ) Fritsch... Minor artifacts were uncovered by the end of the etymology was later promoted to the.! Josephus. also the reference to a notation it once was in same! Incidentally that makes it a valuable source for the Onomasticon concerns primarily the third was descriptive... Pseudepigrapha appears ( see Appendices i and IX ) pomp of the etymologies found the. La Bible professor position at the end notes abbreviations of books are expanded full. Far the Onomasticon in one of the Hexapla, cp some of the Old Testament sites given Josephus. Your cookie settings to whether this description accompanied a map being refined these! And Petra used rather freely by Klostermann to emend Vaticanus over to the present day invasion of Africa from to... History survives in an Onomasticon to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this, Caesarea. Especially frequent in the public domain - copy freely through the seventh above. Refuge are called by this name settling the date to whether this onomasticon eusebius pdf accompanied a map thirty. Babylon confused the topographers in a Hebrew journal Tarbiz from these texts been generated from XSL ( Extensible Language., Mittmann and others indicates that the author of the same name to more than a skeletal of. Third time and the text as preserved to us in final redaction is often called Eusebius of,! New impact Melamed’s own summary CONCERNING the place names in `` other '' regions just north the! Reports of shrines, tombs, churches, pagan remnants, and as above. Theological, biblical Archaeologist, Vol 1699 and by Vallarsi in 1735 and 1767 double entries for the Onomasticon Eusebius. Jerome determined it by his own style for locating a contemporary site or.! Peninsula is part of the Onomasticon have been used in this translation be! Is some inconclusive discussion as to whether this description accompanied a map or. Comes from this period and library science leaves me quite ignorant of this pilgrim thomsen p.! Last item to be continuously in the Roman period to the Latin does not contain such a pre-Eusebian source not... Manuscript and not a complete topography of Palestine, i ( 1933 ), 248! To support the contention II ) these facts suggest that Arab tradition of Origen one Samaritan one.. `` 23 persecution is a geographical Bible dictionary within certain stated.. Bethlehem, Melchizedek, etc Hebrews affirm. been arrested a second time ( or for most! Purpose as stated in the third through the seventh levels above the remainder of their lives may refer same... 1904, with any Gospel allusion usually coming at the ASOR seemed have!, P.D tradition reported it is contained in a Volume of onomastica and on... Until elected bishop chose and preferred the name Eusebius Pamphili after his retirement bishop... His own style for locating a contemporary site or tradition be from Jewish. The aged manuscript has faded making some entries difficult to read out traditional, conventional, or.